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"Oh jeeee!" These cats regret their decisions

Oh oh! Sometimes it is good to rethink an idea very carefully before putting it into practice. For the cats in the video, however, this thought comes a little too late: Instead of thinking carefully about what they are doing, they step right into a mishap.

The first kitty in this compilation heroically jumps into a laundry basket. But already in flight she seems to realize that this was not a good idea. When the fluffy velvet paw lands in the container, the lid closes promptly. The cheeky badger had surely imagined conquering this very special treasure chest differently.

And the other room tigers in this video compilation had also hoped for a happy ending in their daring deeds. From where should the cats suspect that a bathtub turns out to be extremely slippery and that it splashes straight into warm water? And even conquering an aquarium, stealing a balloon or climbing on a mattress can not be that difficult ... These little rascals still have to train a little so that their heroic deeds succeed. Practice creates masters!

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