Cat nibbles on everything: you can do that

As a cat owner you will know it: Your velvet paw nibbles on everything in the apartment. Not only does the good armchair or the beautiful curtain suffer from this, but in the worst case also the health of your cat - especially if your kitty is tampering with power cables or plants. The little cat nibbles on the laces out of boredom - Shutterstock / Eugenio Marangiu

A cat nibbles on objects for various reasons, including boredom or simply curiosity. If you know the cause of the nibbles of your kitty, you can train your behavior with a little patience and the right measures.

Cat nibbles out of boredom: create distraction

If your fur nose gets lost in the interior of your apartment due to boredom, you can distract it as an immediate measure. For example, keep them busy with new toys. Something else has to be more interesting than papers on your desk or the cable on your computer. A longer-term solution is the adoption of a second cat - boredom does not arise at all in two.

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When the kitty nibbles out of curiosity: make your apartment safe

Many cats are true explorers and want to explore everything - unfortunately often with claws and teeth. Especially freely accessible power cables should therefore be taboo in a safe cat household. So that you do not have to worry about potentially life-threatening electric shocks, you should make cables inaccessible to nibbling roommates. Get cable hoses, for example, or put all cables in a skirting board. Specialist retailers also have special fuse attachments for the places where cables are plugged into electrical devices.

Cat grass as an alternative to nibbled plants

If your cat nibbles on houseplants, this can be hazardous to their health. Many plants have been chemically treated during rearing or are naturally toxic, such as ivy, lily of the valley or Christmas roses. You shouldn't even buy such plants or make them completely inaccessible to your house tiger. Be sure to read this list of plants poisonous to cats. Cat grass is the harmless alternative for "plant lovers". You can nibble on it. Important: When buying, make sure that it is specially declared cat grass that has not been fertilized. In principle, the stalks should not be too sharp to avoid injuries.