Sweet cats: "Wrapping paper is great!"

"Attack! Everyone on the wrapping paper!", The cats seem to say in this video and pounce on the crackling paper - and that's so great that the girls don't want to part with their new toys.

Ready, ready, get to the paper. These velvet paws are apparently examining wrapping paper for the first time. At the beginning, the cute little animals are still a little unsure. "What is that toy?" The cats excitedly explore the paper with their paws and noses. "I'm going to hop up there!" Says a kitty and makes a long sentence on a large piece of wrapping paper.

"What can you find under this stuff!", Other playmates in the group ask and hide under their new object of desire. But curiosity doesn't stay long: The fluffy little animals quickly find a feather duster - which of course is brought to safety straight away. How sweet!

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