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Russian Blue: Education Tips

The Russian Blue is a smart cat that is playful and affectionate. Consistency is required when it comes to bringing up children so that the beautiful velvet paw gets to know its limits. When educating the Russian blue, loving consistency is required - Image: Shutterstock: Nailia Schwarz

Playing is high on the list of Russian Blue's favorite pastimes. When educating the beautiful shorthair cat, you should take this play instinct into account, but at the same time teach it that you decide when to frolic. The Russian woman cannot be alone much - you should keep that in mind in any case.

Russian blue: sophisticated velvet paw

The Russian blue is intelligent and therefore learns very quickly. The Stubentiger generally takes up simple commands and taboos with ease. It is important that you stay consistent when it comes to education. The cat breed is pretty clever - and realizes very quickly if it can dance around on the nose of mistresses or masters.

Nevertheless, the animals are very sensitive and need a lot of petting. Employment is very important to them. But also when playing, always remember to make your pet understand who is in charge. Sometimes the Russian blue can go through its temper when it is in its element.

Noble and incredibly beautiful: pictures of the Russian blue cat

Education: This is how it works

It is usually possible to keep them in the apartment without any problems. As long as the velvet paw has a sufficiently large scratching post, that's enough to let off steam. If the Russian blue gets on the furniture or the carpet, a certain tone and consistency are also important.