Which are spirited cat breeds?

If you are looking for an animal roommate who brings some life into the stall, you should take a look at spirited cat breeds. Among them are some velvet paws that can also be kept in the apartment. Temperamental cat breeds are, for example, Bengal - Image: Shutterstock / Anna Tyurina

Of course, spirited cat breeds need above all enough space to live out their urge to move. Anyone who has a large apartment and offers many climbing and play options can offer a very active velvet paw a nice home. The Siamese cat is one of the lively ones. The beautiful animals are among the oldest breeds in the world - and among the most active. You like to play and have a relatively loud voice.

Spirited cat breeds: tips

The Bengal is also rather lively, but not quite as wild as its relative, the Siam. The velvet paw is bursting with energy and wants to move a lot. She is reluctant to be alone and loves the company of people as much as that of other cats. Cuddling is also very important for the Bengal.

Spirited cat breeds also include the Cornish Rex. She is curious and adventurous. She likes it turbulent, and enough games and romping are an absolute must for the beautiful curly haired cat.

Pictures of Siamese kittens: beautiful pocket-sized cats

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The Abyssinian cat also needs a lot of attention and employment. It not only looks like a little puma - it also has the temperament of a big cat. She is intelligent and curious and must therefore be challenged enough. The velvet paw from Southeast Asia usually gets along well with children, other cats and even dogs. A playmate is always welcome.