Animal therapists: dogs, cats and the like make you healthy

Dogs and cats can revolutionize healthcare as animal therapists. At least one current study could be interpreted that attests that pets have a therapeutic effect when coping with stress. Animal friendships should also be able to replace one or the other drug in the treatment of other diseases. An animal therapist - Image: Shutterstock / Javier Brosch

The study, which was commissioned by the animal feed manufacturer Mars Petcare, is intended to provide information, among other things, on the impact of pets in Germany on well-being and health, based on the assessment of scientists and pet experts. In cooperation with the survey institute Forsa, it was also checked whether these results are also reflected in the consciousness of the Germans. It turned out that many underestimate the therapeutic properties of pets.

As reported by "Focus", pets such as dogs and cats can make a significant contribution to improving the common good. Whether as a helper for the disabled, against the loneliness of senior citizens in old people's homes or for educational purposes in educational institutions. If more animal therapists are used to treat, for example, mentally ill people, perhaps greater success in therapy could be achieved. The fact that treatment costs can be reduced at the same time is a positive side effect. Because the costs for the purchase and care of pets are significantly lower than if patients were to take permanent medication.

As if we hadn't known for a long time, dogs and cats can also help to cope with stress. Would it be possible to treat burnout and other stress diseases? An answer to this question can probably only be given if the animal therapists are actually used more - and then it means: "If there are side effects and risks, pet your dog or cat!"

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