How can you calm an aggressive cat?

Scolding or punishing an aggressive cat is neither effective nor beneficial: Usually the four-legged friends get angry even more, so that it can be uncomfortable for humans or an animal. How you react best depends on the situation. Keep your distance and calm down carefully: This is important for an aggressive cat - Image: Shutterstock / Alun Marchant

A cat that is usually nice, but becomes aggressive in a certain situation, is usually quickly calmed down if you adjust to it gently and patiently. In the event of permanent problems, treatment with homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies or calming medications may help - get detailed advice from your veterinarian. For example, the following situations can cause a velvet paw to be temporarily aggressive. How you react then read below.

Aggressiveness against people

The best way to calm down an aggressive cat that has accidentally hurt them or that has frightened them is by lovingly talking to you. You will quickly see that the aggression fades away with the fright. Maybe you touched her in a place she didn't like or did something else that made her afraid - it's best to avoid this trigger in the future.

Quarrel with fellow species

It is usually not advisable to intervene when there is a dispute with other members of the species, unless one of the animals is obviously in an emergency, for example because it is pushed into the corner or is physically inferior. Then scare the animals away, for example with a broom, and separate them spatially for a moment so that the mind calms down again. Playing is often a good strategy to distract a cat and keep it calm.

Help from nature: Treat cats with Bach flowers

Bach flowers for cats are alternative remedies that improve on a plant basis ...

Aggressive behavior out of fear

If a cat is afraid because it has moved in with you or something has happened, be sure to give it your option to retreat and give it the rest it needs for a while. You can try to lure them out with nice words or a few snacks in between, but you shouldn't force them to do anything.