Help from nature: Treat cats with Bach flowers

Bach flower remedies for cats are alternative remedies that are supposed to bring relief for various mental illnesses on a plant basis. Bach flower therapy was developed by the British doctor Dr. Edward Bach develops and is applicable to humans and animals. Bach flowers for cats have recently become increasingly popular - Image: Shutterstock / Aleksei Verhovski

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach a healing method for which he adopted the healing effects of various plants on the state of mind of humans and thus also on their health. For this purpose, he assigned 19 different moods to plant substances, which he soaked or boiled in water to produce healing substances, so-called flower essences.

Bach flowers for cats: special mixtures for animals?

Bach flowers are different flower essences from trees and flowers, which are available in finished mixtures. Even if the same essences can be used for humans and animals, there is a small specialty in the preparation: Ready mixtures are offered on the basis of alcohol, vinegar or spring water. For your house tiger you should only use the latter, or use Bach flowers in the form of globules.

Possible uses of Bach flowers for cats

Bach flower remedies for cats are often recommended by veterinarians or animal therapists if there is a behavioral problem for which purely physical causes could be excluded after thorough examination.

If a cat is no longer house-trained from one day to the next, if it is overly anxious or aggressive towards an animal roommate, it can be worth trying to treat it with Bach flower remedies. Bach flowers can also be used for cats in the event of shock, trauma or loss of a conspecific.

Your veterinarian will advise you on the appropriate Bach flower essence or a combination of several different flowers. You will also find various articles in specialist books and on the Internet about the effectiveness and possible areas of application of the respective Bach flowers.

Bach flowers for cats: tips for beginners

Bach flowers for cats should be able to provide mental support from nature and have ...

Effectiveness and consultation with the veterinarian

There is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of Bach flowers. Nevertheless, there are many positive experience reports on Bach flower treatments. An attempt can therefore be worthwhile, especially in the case of behavioral problems from which humans and animals suffer and for which there is no obvious solution.

Bach flowers for cats do no harm if they fail to work. Nevertheless, it is important to consult the veterinarian before using them. Only he can rule out possible physical causes of suffering and decide whether further treatment steps are necessary.