Dog from the shelter: you should pay attention to this

A dog from the shelter is just as great as a dog from the breeder. Animal shelters are also keen to bring four-legged friends together with bipeds that go well together. Nevertheless, there are also people who have bad experiences with shelter dogs. Here you will find tips to make it easier for you to decide for or against a dog from the shelter. Image: Shutterstock / Annette Shaff

When you adopt a dog from the animal shelter, you automatically do something good, because: If a four-legged friend finds a loving home, a place is free for another dog in need. So that everything fits at home, you should pay attention to a few things.

Dog from the shelter: alternative to the breeder

In Germany, countless dogs live in animal shelters. Therefore, the purchase of a shelter dog instead of a breeding dog should at least always be worth considering. This is indicated, for example, by the fact that reputable animal shelters place great importance on the mediation that people and dogs go well together and that the living conditions can be reconciled with the purchase of the animal. Otherwise, sooner or later the animals would end up in the shelter again and neither side is helped.

4 reasons for a dog from the shelter

Every dog ​​from the shelter is happy about a new home with a loving biped ...

Dog from the shelter: tips to choose from

• If you are considering purchasing a shelter animal, inquire about reputable homes near you.
• It makes a good impression if an animal shelter employee spends a lot of time to advise you on choosing the right dog. Tip: Take a lot of time to get to know potential new family members extensively.
• Before you take a dog from the shelter at home, you should visit it several times, take a walk with it and talk to the staff in detail about its peculiarities.
• Be sure to be honest about your life circumstances. Only in this way can you be sure to find the right four-legged companion for you.
• Also inquire about the reasons why the dog lives in the shelter. Animals are often given away because living conditions change. But it is also conceivable that the four-legged friend was given up due to behavioral problems. That doesn't mean that this dog should be excluded. However, dog beginners may be overwhelmed.

Tips for the first time or for living together with a dog from the animal shelter can be found in the guide: "Dog from the animal shelter: it takes time to get used to".