Four special scratching posts with extra toys

A cat tree is an absolute must for every cat owner. The house tigers need him to regularly wear their claws. But these four models offer even more: A lot of fun and games - so there is guaranteed no boredom! Four special scratching posts with extra toys - Image: Shutterstock / Xseon

1. For romping and hunting: scratching post with cave

Scratching posts protect your furniture especially because your cat can whet their claws on them. This sisal tree also offers a cave and a plush ball on a game rod. If you want to offer your Stubentiger fun and variety, you've come to the right place. Tip: If you have several house tigers, you can use this cat tree perfectly for romping and hunting.

2. Scratching mouse with extras

The slightly different cat tree: on this scratching mouse, your velvet paw can sharpen its claws - and at the same time climb up the round tunnel. This is how the Stubentiger trains his balance at the same time. Perfect for resting after playing: the cave below the sisal surface.

3. Spring hunt with a bee

What is special about this scratching post: Due to its wide diameter, it is very stable and offers a large scratching surface. A bee on a play rod animates your cat to play and gives the cat tree a spring-like flair - almost like in the garden!

4. Fun with tunnels and game fishing

This play landscape is an adventure world in miniature form for your house tiger: A scratching post and a tunnel made of sisal let the cat wear its claws properly. There are several play fishing rods with plush booty for playing and hunting, and this is particularly nice for indoor cats because they are busy and varied for a long time.

Cats at work: please do not disturb!