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Rare sight: hedgehog and puppy on adventures

What cute pictures: In this video a Havanese puppy and a hedgehog are the cute main characters and in terms of entertainment talent the four-legged friends have a lot to offer!

Exciting, such a prickly animal, Hazel, the tiny Havanese lady, seems to be thinking and is watching the unusual guest in her puppy room with great interest. After she has briefly done the prick test, there is something for the sweet four-legged friends to eat together - in this way, Klein-Hazel just somehow confuses the bowls and tries the strawberries that were actually intended for the hedgehog.

If only they didn't make the fur so sticky! So nothing helps and the six-week-old bitch has to take her first bath. As skeptical as she is at the beginning, she behaves well after everything her prickly new buddy has set a good example for. Well, then it can go on to the next adventure.